How Sea Moss Can Help With Weight Loss

How Sea Moss Can Help With Weight Loss

Year after year, we hear about the new weight loss fad. And the problem is, most of these new 'fat burning' secrets and foods generate little to no results.

So with the recent surge in Sea Moss, it would seem logical to think it's yet another marketing hype train.. but you'd be wrong!

Sea Moss is a type of red algae PACKED with nutrients, minerals, and a whole host of body-transforming benefits. It really is a true superfood that helps to break down fat and promote healthy weight loss.

The Fat-Melting Benefits of Sea Moss

With a recent surge in the study of Sea Moss, experts are uncovering the countless weight loss benefits Sea Moss (and Red Algae as a whole) has to offer.

After conducting a 12-week experiment on 78 obese adults, they found an intake of 1,000 milligrams of Sea Moss reduced their body weight and total body fat mass.. in just 12-weeks!

But how does Sea Moss do it?

Research shows that carrageenan (a main bioactive compound in Sea Moss) prevents weight gain. It helps to reduce body fast by:

  • Lowering Fat Absorption

  • Reducing The Creation of Fat Cells

  • Breaking Down Stored Fats

  • And Promoting The Fat Burning Effect of Brown Fat Tissue

All this makes Sea Moss a perfect dietary friend for anyone looking to achieve their dream body!

Sea Moss Prevents Day Time Snacking!

Sea Moss helps you avoid daytime snacking (drastically reducing your calorie intake) by keeping you full for longer.

This is because as you digest Sea Moss, the carrageenan absorbs water and forms a gel-like substance. It's this gel that works wonders for weight loss!

With the gel slowing down digestion, your stomach takes longer to empty its contents. But there's more. Studies show that slow digestion causes your body to burn more calories throughout the process. You can burn a whopping 170-calories per day without lifting a finger.

So as well as avoiding daytime snacking, you'll burn calories at the same time!

How do I use Sea Moss for Weight Loss?

By eating it.. it's that simple!

Sea Moss can come in many forms, but the easiest way to use it is in gel form.

Because of its lack of flavour or smell, you can add it to almost any meal, smoothie, tea, or even water (finally, a weight loss ingredient that isn't fowl!)

How Much Sea Moss to Take Daily?

Experts say 1-2 tablespoons per day is perfect for the average consumer (nice and affordable!)

However, Sea Moss contains a high amount of Iodine. While Iodine is great for many health reasons, consuming too much can cause issues, especially for those with thyroid. So if you suffer from thyroid issues or if you're already taking Iodine supplements, we recommend you talk to your doctor before introducing Sea Moss into your diet.

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