Lift More, Recover Faster, and Spike Your Energy With Sea Moss!

Lift More, Recover Faster, and Spike Your Energy With Sea Moss!

No matter how heavy you lift and how hard you work, if you're not getting the proper recovery, you're not going to see results.

That's why your days off are just as important as your entire week at the gym. Without it, your muscle has no time to recover, rebuild, and (most importantly) grow in size. 

The quicker you recover, the quicker your muscles grow, and the faster you can get back to doing what you love - working out!

Here are three unignorable benefits to using Sea Moss during your post-workout recovery. And they could drastically improve the results you're seeing.


Better Blood Flow and Endless Energy

Sea Moss is packed with positive minerals and vitamins that boost the production of red blood cells, enhance blood flow, and provide spikes of energy throughout the day. 

Containing high amounts of Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Riboflavin (B2), and Folate (B9), helps Sea Moss ease inflammation - opening the pathways for your blood to flow through and supercharging your circulation. 

With better circulation (and the extra minerals and vitamins contained in Sea Moss), your muscles recover faster as they're flooded with oxygen-rich and healthy red blood cells. 

Not to mention, good circulation provides high spikes of energy and increases your libido!


Rapid Joint Recovery and Pain Prevention

As well as benefiting your muscle recovery, Sea Moss also boosts the recovery of your joints after a long and strenuous workout. So if you suffer from post-workout joint pain, then Sea Moss could be the cure. 

The anti-inflammatory properties provide fast joint relief, while the high content of fatty acids and fish oils helps to re-lubricate joints and prevent arthritis and other joint issues.

When you exercise, the lubrication between your joints is worn out. Without this lubricant, the bones will rub together causing deterioration and long-term (sometimes irreversible) damage - So be sure to add healthy oils to your daily diet!


Improve Your Mood, Focus, and Your Protein Intake! 

Believe it or not, Sea Moss has a high protein content with a whopping 6grams of protein per 100grams - making it a healthy source of that oh-so-important muscle fuel!

But Sea Moss also provides huge amounts of mood-boosting potassium. Potassium is strongly linked to improved brain function and mood regulation - helping to prevent fogginess, depression, anxiety, and more.

And with better focus and mental health, you can exercise more consistently and work toward your health & wellness goals unhindered! 

Fun Fact: Sea Moss contains DOUBLE the potassium of an average banana with HALF the calories!


Add Sea Moss to your Post-Workout Today! 

With just two tablespoons per day, you'll feel the benefits of Sea Moss in no time. 

Sea Moss is tasteless, odourless, and almost textureless when added to foods and drinks. So you can introduce it into your favourite post-workout smoothie and snacks without ruining the flavours or consistency! 

Stop letting poor muscle-recovery slow down your results. Introduce Sea Moss to your daily diet for healthier joints, a clearer mind, and a better you!


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