The benefits of Chaga - King of medicinal mushrooms

The benefits of Chaga - King of medicinal mushrooms
Chaga is known as a medicinal mushroom because of its high nutritional content and its exceptionally great healing and treating properties. It is normally found grown with the birch trees and the fact that it can predigest the nutrients that are present in birch trees makes it even more beneficial for medicinal purposes.

Here are some of the top benefits that one can get from this magical tonic herb;

Immune system Strengthening

The medicinal mushroom Chaga contains miraculous immune system strengthening properties. Chaga promotes the synthesis of beneficial cytokines that are described as special proteins that help regulate the immune function of the human body. Chaga mushroom also invigorates the function of white blood cells that are essential for killing harmful microbes especially bacteria and viruses entering the human body. Owing to the fact that Chaga mushroom is packed with polysaccharides, mostly beta-glucans, this inexplicable herb helps activate various protective and anti-inflammatory reactions in the human body. Beta-glucans help our body recognize and mark harmful and problem causing cells in the body, which is a sign for our immune system to speed up its reaction against the undesirably growing cells.

Anti-inflammatory benefits

Chaga is discovered to be exceptionally rich in compounds called “terpenes” concentrated in its tissues. Terpenes are substances that help reduce the inflammation in our bodies. Along with inflammation-reducing benefits, these terpenes give this miraculous medicinal mushroom anti-microbial properties as well. One of the very important terpenes is named Betulinic acid and it has been shown to combat, viral, bacterial and fungal infections caused by microorganisms. A study has shown that betulinic acid has an inhibitory effect on various viruses that including the HIV virus as well.

Anti-oxidant properties

Turmeric, blueberries, strawberries, carrots, green vegetables are some names that usually pop up in our minds when we talk about anti-oxidant rich foods. In spite of all of them being potential anti-oxidative in nature, Chaga is almost five times more concentrated than any of the above-mentioned foods. It is specially packed with an anti-oxidant named “Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)”. SOD is an excellent source for combating damage caused by free radicals and unstable molecules. Owing to its magical anti-oxidant content, the Chaga mushroom plays an important role in fighting oxidative stress.

Antifungal benefits

By keeping your immune system in a top-notch position and being rich in antioxidants, Chaga mushroom has been an excellent source of fighting fungal infections. Chaga mushroom works by stimulating the bone marrow secretion rates which naturally enhances the phagocytic function of our immune cells. So, medicinal mushroom Chaga has proven to be a strong and potential addition to someone’s diet who is struggling to overcome fungal or bacterial infections.

Supports weight loss

An established and strong immune function and healthy vascular system are two major aspects of lifestyle one needs for weight management. With the help of its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Chaga mushroom enables the healthy growth of beneficial gut bacteria and this way it may assist with weight loss efforts.

Healthy skin with Chaga

Who doesn’t want clear, soft and shiny skin? Of course, all of us drool on glowing, clear and naturally moisturized skin. Higher anti-oxidant particularly Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) content of Chaga helps it fight against oxidative damage commonly caused by free radicals and unstable or harmful oxygen molecules. This oxidative stress is responsible for the unhealthy wrinkles, fine lines and age spots on the skin and SOD is super beneficial and powerful against the devilish free radicals.


Fights cancer

By helping our body maintain a strong and powerfully working immune system, Chaga mushroom helps our body recognize and mark unhealthy growth of cells which stimulates the natural killing functions of immune cells at that place where undesirable growth of cells is happening. In particular, Chaga is discovered to be rich in an antioxidant named triterpene which is studied to have a killing effect on cancerous cells.

So these were some of the benefits that we can narrate to educate our readers on the potential advantages of the medicinall mushroom Chaga. At Pardasa, we supply the finest organic Chaga powder, available with a 10% discount off your first order if you follow us on instagram - just message us and we'll provide you code.

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