What are the benefits of Sea Moss?


Sea Moss is an algae that is naturally rich in minerals and vitamins, and it is found to have a lot of health benefits for daily life. The moss is a type of red algae and the species sold at Pardasa is formally called Eucheuma Cottonii.
The moss poses a long list of health benefits from improving the immune system and aiding in gut health. Within this article will take you through 8 key health benefits of sea moss.

1. Supports overall health and wellness

Sea moss is a single whole food that is naturally rich in a mineral punch like no other superfood. It consists of 92 out of 102 minerals required by our body. It is an excellent source of almost every mineral a human body requires for optimal nutritional support and better health. This magical marine vegetable is loaded with iron, magnesium, potassium iodide and calcium. Eating mineral-rich foods, will allow your body to reap the benefits of sea moss. 


2. Boosts your immune function

The moss is an effective superfood to strengthen your immune system. It is believed to possess some extraordinary properties that include it being antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. These properties of red seaweed make it effective against infections and help quicken the body’s natural healing system. There have been studies in rats and salmon where it improves their immune systems, as we don't have similar bodies, more research in humans could potentially support these benefits.

3. Promotes weight loss and improves metabolism

Sea moss contains iodine which is important for the thyroid and metabolic functions of our body. The role of sea moss in Basal metabolic rate (no. of calories required by the body at rest) benefits our body’s ability to process calories which ultimately keeps our weight in check. Fucoxanthin, a compound naturally present in sea moss, helps metabolize fatty acids. The fat-burning properties of Fucoxanthin may help it combat weight loss. Sea moss has a tendency to keep you fuller for longer since it is high in fibre and minerals, which can suppress your appetite.



4. Improves gut health

Due to its high dietary fibre and carrageenan content, sea moss can aid in supporting gut health by feeding healthy bacteria in the intestine.

The mucilaginous properties of this seaweed can help you with improved digestion, and regular bowel movements. It works by lining the intestines with prebiotic and gives the bowl a soapy lining. As the digestion system benefits from the fibre, the waste product passes easily out of the body

5. Supports pregnancy

The nutritious moss has folate, zinc, and iodine. All these nutrients are required by the human body in their optimal amounts to help conception. Research shows that these nutrients improves fertility both in males and females. The sea moss benefits in women, can help improves pregnancy rate and egg quality. Minerals like zinc and folate can also help improve sperm quality in males.

6. Post-workout recovery

Sea moss is made up of collagen proteins which are useful in strengthening and repairing the connective tissues. The anti-inflammatory properties make it effective in post-workout recovery. Also, the mucilaginous properties can provide relief and lubricate the joints (in case you experience muscle or joint pain during/post-workout).


7. For healthy skin, hair and nails

All of us at least once in our lives have wished for our skin, nails and hair to be healthy and shiny. One of the key benefits of sea moss when it comes to skin, hair and nails is the antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that can help our skin repair and heal naturally. It can draw toxins and impurities out of the skin and replace them with healthy nutrients and minerals.

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8. Boosts your energy levels

When you feel low in energy, it may be because your iron levels have dropped. Unlike other plant-based foods, sea moss is richly packed with iron which can help boost your energy levels and performance in regular activities.

Although sea moss has potential health advantages, getting a healthy, balanced diet is going to be the most beneficial for your body. Always check with your doctor when taking any new supplement.
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